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Sarah Sayeed has always written – poetry, stories and letters, even since she was a small child. 


Writing commissions include:


Descent – Co-written with David Calcutt and commissioned by Midland Actors Theatre

Knives and Forks – Memories of Partition project with the Royal Exchange Theatre


Song for Sophia – Durham Book Festival Commission – New Writing North


In 2018 Sarah was selected as Writer in Residence at the Jaipur Literature Festival.



She is currently enrolled on the 2 year Creative Writing programme with New Writing South and is writing her first book of short stories and her first novel.

“Sarah’s writing has a beautiful poetic quality in which she conjures complex and vivid imagery in a human landscape.  She captures the complexity of human relationships – particularly, in my experience, creating wonderfully layered and emotionally truthful older characters – and takes them on a journey.  The ambition of the worlds she creates through her writing captures audience’s imaginations and takes them on a journey that they recognise but also takes them out of their immediate experience to connect with wider humanity.” 


- Suzanne Bell, New Writing Associate and Dramaturge, Royal Exchange Theatre, October 2017 - 

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